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Redefining Excellence

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

About Ebiz-Eximius

Ebiz-Eximius Inc. was founded as a genuinely Innovative Marketing Firm with the vision of providing excellent end-to-end solutions that will integrate Brand Consulting, Digital Marketing and Analytics to improve marketing ROI of your business.

Our proven methodology ensures we deliver on time, to budget and exceed clients expectation every-time. Our team excels at integrating creative thinking with digital innovation. We all work within an established methodology, honed by years of experience, that allows us to manage budgets, deadlines and the business imperative with confidence. We bring innovation, ideation and creativity, underpinned with a solid business rigour. But at the core of our tried and tested methodology is vital flexibility. We’re not interested in churning out one size fits all. We always strive to meet each client’s unique set of needs and expectations by delivering a truly personalized experience.

Our Vision & Mission


  • To help clients achieve exponential growth in business & ROI on every penny spent on marketing initiatives and establish long term business relationship with them.
  • To be data-driven, collaborative, adaptable, creative and experimental organization.


  • To provide Innovative Ideas & Strategy, to the Right Client, at the Right Time, at the Right Place, in the Right Format and implement Right Marketing Channels to ensure consistency in business results & performance.
  • To steer every project with Brainstorming, Design Thinking and bring harmonious balance between three constraints of the project – Desirability, Viability & Feasibility resulting in more engaging user experience and generate huge profits for the clients.

We believe in our three core values and pursuit them in everything we do


We convince with unusual approaches, are pulse generator in our line of business and persuade with unconventional solutions and visions.


We believe that honesty, sincerity, punctuality, sustainability and respect are part of a good partnership – thereby we do not distinguish between the customer relationship and our team.


Our technical & conceptual solutions are always at the highest level – without losing sight of the profitability of the customer.

Why Ebiz-Eximius?

We are the partner of choice for our customers.
For their benefit, we deliver customized solutions at the highest standard – made by Ebiz-Eximius.

We have passion for what we do:

  1. We are not just a service provider but a partner of our customers
  2. We create optimum added value
  3. Our customers take advantage of our many years of experience
  4. We develop in-house, no near- or off-shoring
  5. Our focus is always on the customer and its project
  6. We deliver customized solutions
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